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We believe medicine should have no borders.

We measure our value as a company based on the lives we help to improve. For all of us involved in the pharmaceutical supply chain – manufacturers, distributors, pharmacists, physicians and others - ultimately, it is the patient that matters most.
That is why, we start each day with a renewed commitment to ethically deliver unlicensed medicine into markets where access remains a challenge.

Why We Do What We Do

Our primary objective is improving the lives of patients.

Nevertheless, we recognize our partners in the supply chain experience their own challenges. We believe that when we do our job properly, we improve the lives of our supply partners as well.

Whether it is a medic at a pharmaceutical company who needs a Named Patient Programme to deliver commercial stock to patients in pre-approval markets, a Clinical Trial Manager at a CRO who needs a Compassionate Use Program for a patient’s continued treatment after the trial’s completion, or a physician and hospital pharmacist who need access to a novel product

that is unlicensed in their country but available elsewhere; we leverage our 15+ years of experience to resolve their challenges and deliver the necessary treatment with trust, transparency and integrity needed.

To a patient without access to a critical needed therapy, we imagine that the world must seem like an awfully big place. At Tanner Pharma Group, experience has taught us that when all of us work together, as a healthcare family, we have the power to make the world a small place – a place where hopeful patients have access to the medicines they need – a world where medicine has no borders.

Banks Bourne

Banks Bourne – Founder and Chairman

Banks Bourne
  • Our Office

    The expertise and knowledge of our team is the best in the business.

  • Our Office

    The expertise and knowledge of our team is the best in the business.

  • Our Office

    The expertise and knowledge of our team is the best in the business.

Our Values

At Tanner Pharma Group, it is our intention to build meaningful relationships with healthcare professionals who share our purpose of improving lives. We intend to build those relationships on a foundation of family values.

Passionate Partnership

We embrace the needs of our healthcare partners as if they were our own. We care for each other. We solve problems together. We partner for the best outcome for the patient.


We commit to continuous improvement, adapting to change and a willingness to help. We execute at a high level and benchmark our standards at levels higher than required by governments and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.


We strive for quality over quantity.  We take responsibility for our work and honor our word.


We challenge ourselves and our family of healthcare professionals to be better. We dream big, and then we set out to fulfill our dreams. We are curious, relentless and transparent. We are not afraid to try.

Leadership that inspires solutions.

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Let’s partner to create a world where medicine has no borders.

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