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Post-Approval Market Access

Unmet Need

A medicine may already be approved for marketing in some countries, but not approved in other countries for several years or ever.


TannerMAP partners with biopharmaceutical companies to enable patients access to medicines not yet approved in their countries.

Responding to Emerging Opportunities

A European pharmaceutical company was prioritizing which markets to enter and Thailand ranked as a lower registration priority than other countries.



Project Management

TannerMAP leverages 15+ years of experience to manage the complex process of exporting and importing small volumes of medicines to individual patients

Supply Chain Management

TannerMAP provides confidence the medicine will reach the patient while maintaining the most exacting quality standards, regardless of final destination

Strategic Insights

TannerMAP delivers customized reporting with insights on market usage, pricing, awareness and logistics which help inform customer decision making

Stakeholder Education

TannerMAP creates and implements education initiatives designed to ensure appropriate and ethical use of a product by all stakeholders in a market


    • Expand access to more markets and earlier than planned by utilizing TannerMAP’s global GDP-compliant supply chain and regulatory expertise to import medicines into countries where marketing is not yet approved.
    • Reduce the administrative workload by authorizing TannerMAP to manage the requirements of validating patients and institutions that participate in a Managed Access Program.
    • Gain broader insights on product efficacy and demand to help inform future commercialization strategies and complement clinical trial findings by tapping into TannerMAP’s data collection and reporting services.
    • Build awareness with physicians, hospitals, pharmacists, regulators and patients by letting TannerMAP help develop and deliver a customized and compliant Managed Access Program.