The Max Foundation and Tanner Pharma Partner on Innovative Drug Distribution Model

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Seattle, W.A.The Max Foundation, an international non-governmental organization dedicated to increasing global access to treatment, care, and support for people living with cancer, and Tanner Pharma Group, a global pharma services company that specializes in patient access to critical medication, have partnered to create an innovative distribution model designed to effectively deliver humanitarian donations of oncology products to identified patients in need in low resource countries.

Since 1997, The Max Foundation has provided support and advocacy to people facing life-threatening cancers as well as managing patient access programs. Established in memory of Maximiliano “Max” Rivarola, who fought courageously against chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), The Max Foundation has evolved into a specialized team of highly dedicated individuals spanning a global footprint who work with Ministries of Health, clinics, physicians and patients to support their cancer care and facilitate access to medication. In an effort to expand its reach, The Max Foundation partnered with Tanner Pharma to provide complementary services and complete a class-leading, manufacturer-to-patient supply chain. For its part, Tanner Pharma leverages more than 15 years of pharma services experience to provide regulatory compliance and logistical efficiency, all within an EU-GDP compliant supply chain.

“Over the past two decades, we have partnered with leading pharmaceutical companies who have generously provided access to their products for patients in low resource countries,” said Pat Garcia-Gonzalez, CEO and co-founder of The Max Foundation. “As we advocated for access to life-extending medications, we realized that more companies would be willing to consider humanitarian access if we could provide a model that included drug distribution. By 2015, the need for a turn-key solution to accept donations of medications and deliver them directly to the patient’s healthcare provider was evident. We are excited for how our partnership with Tanner Pharma will inspire increased health equity, preventing unnecessary cancer deaths and increasing patients’ overall survival.” The Max Foundation provides these capabilities with the help of Tanner Pharma, enabling the organization to now channel nine innovative cancer products into leading cancer institutions in 120 countries.

Banks Bourne, Founder and Chairman of Tanner Pharma Group who recently joined The Max Foundation for its fundraising Mt. Kinabalu climb in Malaysia, has supported patient access since 1998 when he was an early investor in King Pharmaceuticals. “At Tanner Pharma, we are honored to add value to the amazing work that Pat and The Max Foundation are doing for cancer patients around the world.” Mr. Bourne added, “Our capabilities complement one another – making our partnership with The Max Foundation a real ‘win-win.’” Each of The Max Foundation’s access collaborations are supported by Tanner Pharma’s Managed Access Program division. “We are passionate about solving problems related to patient access and safety. Our experience in all aspects of pharma supply chain and regulatory compliance has been honed on a global basis, and the satisfaction we receive from working alongside The Max Foundation and patients in low resource countries cannot be measured,” said Rob Keel, Global Director of Managed Access Programs.

The Max Foundation and Tanner Pharma Group have thus far implemented six “Max Access Solutions” involving donated medicines over the past 12 months. For more information, please contact

About The Max Foundation

The Max Foundation is a global health organization that believes all people living with cancer deserve access to the best treatment, care, and support. We decrease premature mortality from cancer by channeling humanitarian donations of life-saving oncology products to underserved populations in countries where those products are not locally available.

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About Tanner Pharma Group

Tanner Pharma Group partners with biopharmaceutical companies to provide turn-key commercialization solutions to increase patient access to medicines around the world. It believes that access to medicines should have no borders and measures its value as a company based on the lives it helps to improve.

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About Tanner Pharma Group

For over 15 years, Tanner’s executive team has provided specialty distribution of pharmaceuticals from markets of availability to markets of need. When healthcare providers in international markets require treatments not currently available in their home market, they rely on Tanner to source and deliver the product from its global network of pharmaceutical manufacturers. Based on its track record of accountability and experience managing regulatory-compliant access programs, top pharmaceutical and biotech companies partner with Tanner to develop and manage their global access programs. By partnering with Tanner, pharma and biotech companies are able to focus on their primary markets while ensuring that patients in international markets of need are receiving their products through a strictly controlled channel.

Tanner’s International Access Division serves providers in 24 of the most challenging countries by developing, implementing and managing global access programs including Named Patient Programs, Expanded Access Programs, Compassionate Use Programs, Government & Private Provider Tender fulfillment and Emergency Supply allocations. Tanner’s Clinical Trials Division procures comparator products for manufacturers, CRO’s and research centers from a broad range of sources. Additionally, the company is able to provide clinical trial logistics and inventory management for trials conducted in the U.S., Europe, Mexico and Brazil.

Headquartered in the U.S., Tanner’s reach includes Europe, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Canada and Latin America, including Brazil, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and all of South America.

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