Our Team

Leadership that inspires solutions.

Maryori Alvarenga

Director of North American Operations and Sales | malvarenga@tannerpharma.com

Maryori oversees all daily activities of the North American business. As one of the first employees at Tanner Pharma Group, Maryori is an expert in every facet of the business with previous roles including marketing, sales management, operations management, and research. She also earned a double degree in Management and Marketing from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Jonathan Bracey

Managing Director UK, Global Head of Quality & Responsible Person | jbracey@tannerpharma.com

Jonathan leads the UK office while also acting as the Global Head of Quality and as the Responsible Person (RP) at Tanner Pharma Group. Jonathan's experience ranges from Generics, Big Pharma, Specialty Pharma and most recently consultancy within the pharmaceutical industry. Within these organisations, he worked in general management, operations, sales, procurement and supply chain roles with UK, EU, MENA and Global reach. Jonathan also served as a logistics officer in HM Forces.

Carolina Cortez

Director of Licensing, Acquisition and Commercialisation | ccortez@tannerpharma.com

Carolina leads all business activities at TannerLAC, including Partner Relations, Business Development and Commercialisation Strategies. With over 12 years of international pharmaceutical experience, fluency in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Carolina is uniquely suited to drive value in international markets.

Richard Lambie

Director of Clinical Trial Sourcing | rlambie@tannerpharma.com

Richard leads the Clinical Trial Sourcing division including  business strategy, commercial initiatives and client partnerships.  Richard worked in various operations within Big Pharma, Specialty Pharma, and most recently with a strategic consultancy firm within the pharmaceutical industry. Richard’s industry experience spans clinical, marketing, sales, strategy, procurement, quality and supply chain within UK, EU, MENA, and Globally.  Richard is a registered Pharmacist and holds an MBA from Imperial College Business School.  

Robert Keel

Director of Managed Access Programs | rkeel@tannerpharma.com

Rob leads the Managed Access Programs division and has held global general management and finance roles within the life sciences, airline and agriculture industries with extensive experience in the EMEA and Asia Pacific regions.  He was responsible for the management and operation of the EMEA commercial supply chain at AstraZeneca and led business development activities at Alliance Healthcare for managed distribution agreements.  Rob holds an Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences degree from Northwestern University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Bill Taylor

Director of Legal and Regulatory Affairs | wtaylor@tannerpharma.com

6Bill is responsible for coordinating all legal and regulatory issues for the company's activities. He has a wide range of experience in dealing with U.S. and non-U.S. attorneys involving international law issues. Mr. Taylor has established an active attorney network in more than forty countries relating to intellectual property, corporate law, labour law, and product distribution legal matters. Prior to joining Tanner Pharma Group, Mr. Taylor had extensive litigation experience in the private practice of law in Kentucky from 1975 until joining King Pharmaceuticals International as Director of International Legal Affairs in 1999. He is a member of the Kentucky Bar Association and a former member of the American Trial Lawyers Association.