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Managed Access

Responding to Emerging Opportunities

Unmet Need:
New Market Access
Post-Approval Market Access Program
Bangkok, Thailand

A European pharmaceutical company was prioritizing which markets to enter and Thailand ranked as a lower registration priority than other countries.

Thailand remained intriguing because of the initial demand to be served through named-patient access so the pharmaceutical company contacted TannerMAP to see what could be done.

After exploring options, TannerMAP entered into an agreement with the pharmaceutical company to provide exclusive distribution to Thailand.

TannerMAP would not only meet the existing named-patient demand, but the pharmaceutical company would also gain critical insights that it otherwise would not have had:

  • Transparency of volume, final location, and selling price
  • Levels of product awareness and feedback on non-promotional awareness strategies from the country’s Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)
  • Stakeholder experience including physicians, hospitals, pharmacists, regulators and patients

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