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Named Patient Supply

Getting Medicines to Patients in Need

Unmet Need:
Named Patient Import
Post-Approval Supply
Sao Paulo, Brasil

Luiz, a five-year-old Brazilian boy, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

His oncologist started him on chemotherapy, then seeing inadequate results, began treating Luiz with a recently-approved Brazilian medicine. Unfortunately, Luiz did not respond to that either. His oncologist then researched treatment options online and learned of a new medicine that had been approved in the United States, but was not yet available in Brazil.


After speaking to the hospital about how the medicine could be obtained in Brazil for Luiz, the oncologist found out the hospital had an import department.

This department had relationships with a number of distributors in the United States, one of which was Tanner Pharma Group. The hospital contacted Tanner Pharma Group to inquire about obtaining the new medicine from the United States.

Tanner Pharma Group was able to source the medicine directly from its manufacturer and manage the logistics needed to ensure rapid delivery while maintaining product integrity. Tanner Pharma Group also partnered with the hospital to complete the Brazilian government application for special access to the medicine.

In less than two weeks after submitting the request to the hospital, the oncologist received the medicine in Brazil and begin treating Luiz with it the next day.

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