Donated Medicine Distribution

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Unmet Need:
Donated Medicine Distribution
Non-Profit Partnership

A non-profit organization receiving donated cancer medicines from a pharmaceutical company was needing a partner to handle the supply chain related activities to deliver the medicines to patients.

The non-profit organization was previously relying on the pharmaceutical company for distributing and importing the donated medicines into numerous countries being served through the non-profit’s named-patient program for donated medicines.


After evaluating options, TannerMAP was selected by the non-profit organization to be its exclusive distribution partner.

TannerMAP would receive the donated goods from the pharmaceutical company on behalf of the non-profit, transport the medicines to 70+ countries in five continents, handle the importation of the goods into the country and support the non-profit with the validation of the institutions receiving the medicines.

Entering into a partnership with TannerMAP enabled the non-profit organization to seamlessly assume the responsibility of the supply chain activities from the pharmaceutical company.

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