Tanner Pharma Group Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Merz North America for Named Patient Sales of Cuvposa® (glycopyrrolate) oral solution into Emerging Markets

New access for children in Latin American markets with neurologic conditions that cause chronic severe drooling

Tanner Pharma Group, a global provider of integrated specialty access solutions, announces the signing of an exclusive distribution agreement with Merz North America, a specialty healthcare company with a strong commitment to the U.S. neurosciences space. The agreement names Tanner Pharma Group as Merz North America’s sole Named Patient distributor of Cuvposa® (glycopyrrolate) oral solution in Latin America where Cuvposa® (glycopyrrolate) oral solution is not yet registered.

“We have customized a Named Patient Program for Merz North America whereby we will fulfill requests for Cuvposa®(glycopyrrolate) oral solution by healthcare providers in Latin America who seek to incorporate this product into their treatment regimens for pediatric neurology patients,” stated Maryori Alvarenga, Managing Director of Tanner Pharma Group. “Many patients between the ages of 3 and 16 experience problem drooling due to certain neurological diseases including cerebral palsy. By providing a controlled, regulatory-compliant channel of distribution directly to the provider, patients in any market can benefit from advancements made in the larger markets of the US, Europe and Canada.”

“Here at Merz North America, we believe that Cuvposa® (glycopyrrolate) oral solution provides a clear improvement to quality of life for pediatric patients suffering from sialorrhea who otherwise might rely on non-pharmaceutical treatments including surgery, or simply go without treatment,” said Glenn Block, Vice President and Head – U.S. Neurosciences for Merz North America.. “We are excited to enter this collaboration with Tanner Pharma Group to provide this important treatment to pediatric neurology patients in Latin America.”

Over the last two years, Tanner Pharma Group has experienced transformational growth as the company has quickly become a leading provider of Global Access Programs in Latin America, Europe and more recently Asia and the Middle East. The company’s Clinical Trials Division has grown to provide comparator sourcing to manufacturers and contract research organizations (CROs) around the world and logistics services for trials in the U.S., Europe, Mexico and Brazil. Tanner Pharma Group’s world class team of Client Support Representatives, Regulatory Administrators and Legal Affairs personnel have come together to provide more comprehensive solutions to upstream partners including big pharma, specialty pharma, biotech and consumer/OTC companies, as well as to downstream providers including governments, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and physicians.

About Merz North America

Merz North America is a specialty healthcare company that develops and commercializes innovative treatment solutions in aesthetics, dermatology and neurosciences in the U.S. and Canada. Our ambition is to become a recognized leader in the treatment of movement disorders, and in aesthetics and dermatology. Our future is promising, and we are committed to advancing new therapeutic options and improving patients’ lives. For more than 100 years, the development of Merz products has been based on our commitment to providing innovative medical approaches that earn trust of patients, physicians and partners worldwide. Globally, the companies of Merz Pharma Group are focused on medications for treating neurological and psychiatric illnesses, and they have assumed a leading role in the field of Alzheimer’s disease research. Founded in 1908, Merz Pharma Group is a privately-owned company headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany.

For more information about Merz or the Company’s products, please visit www.merzusa.com.

About Tanner Pharma Group

For over 15 years, Tanner’s executive team has provided specialty distribution of pharmaceuticals from markets of availability to markets of need. When healthcare providers in international markets require treatments not currently available in their home market, they rely on Tanner to source and deliver the product from its global network of pharmaceutical manufacturers. Based on its track record of accountability and experience managing regulatory-compliant access programs, top pharmaceutical and biotech companies partner with Tanner to develop and manage their global access programs. By partnering with Tanner, pharma and biotech companies are able to focus on their primary markets while ensuring that patients in international markets of need are receiving their products through a strictly controlled channel.

Tanner’s International Access Division serves providers in 24 of the most challenging countries by developing, implementing and managing global access programs including Named Patient Programs, Expanded Access Programs, Compassionate Use Programs, Government & Private Provider Tender fulfillment and Emergency Supply allocations. Tanner’s Clinical Trials Division procures comparator products for manufacturers, CRO’s and research centers from a broad range of sources. Additionally, the company is able to provide clinical trial logistics and inventory management for trials conducted in the U.S., Europe, Mexico and Brazil.

Headquartered in the U.S., Tanner’s reach includes Europe, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Canada and Latin America, including Brazil, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and all of South America.

For more information about Tanner Pharma Group, please visit www.tannerpharma.com.

For more information about Merz or the Company’s products, please visit www.merzusa.com.

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