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Managed Access Programs

Demand - Supply = Unmet Need

Biopharmaceutical companies and non-profit organizations partner with TannerMAP and leverage the company’s 15+ year history to design and deliver Managed Access Programs. Managed Access Programs are developed for life-saving medicines, often on a named-patient basis, in countries where the medicines may be unavailable for a variety of reasons. With programs in place across more than 130 countries, TannerMAP operates to strict quality and ethical standards, ensuring adherence to all procedures required by its customers and maintaining compliance with all local regulations.
With a GDP compliant supply chain serving as a foundation, each Managed Access Program can be tailored to a customer’s specific needs, ultimately providing patients needed medicines that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to access. At TannerMAP, we are committed to being the leader in operating Managed Access Programs and strive to reduce the global unmet need for medicines.



Pre-Approval Market Access

During clinical trials, patients may not be able to access a trial medicine either because they are ineligible for or don’t have access to the trial. Post clinical trials, a trial medicine may never make it to market or a patient may need to continue treatment until it does. TannerMAP works with biopharmaceutical companies to improve patient access to trial medicines.

Post-Approval Market Access

After clinical trials, a medicine may not be registered in a market for many years, or ever. Likewise, a medicine may be withdrawn from a market or suffer a supply disruption. If a medicine is available somewhere in the world, TannerMAP works with biopharmaceutical companies to help patients get access to it.

Non-Profit Partnerships

Some biopharmaceutical companies are working with non-profit organizations to provide free access to their medicines in countries where patients can’t afford them. TannerMAP works with these organizations to get medicines to patients in need across the globe.