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Unmet Need:
Expanded Access
Post-Approval Supply
San Miguelito, Panama

Camila was a soon-to-be-mother in Panama and she was also hepatitis B positive.

Her obstetrician told her it was likely her child would also be hepatitis B positive and there was no product in Panama available to prevent it in her newborn. Camila took to the Internet to research treatment options.


After some searching, Camila found a medicine that was not registered in Panama, but was approved for use in the United States. This medicine reduced the risk of hepatitis B in newborns when administered at the time of birth alongside the hepatitis B vaccine series.

With her physician’s support, Camila phoned the pharmaceutical company producing the medicine. She was then referred to Tanner Pharma Group which was able to source the medicine and partner with her physician on the process of importing the medicine into Panama.

Camila received the medicine which her physician then administered at the time of birth, and her daughter, now two years old, is hepatitis B negative.

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